Radical Healing Leadership + Financial Data Mentorship

Your program includes:

  • Year of Growth - Four quarters + historical financial analytics services (Value: $8800 + $4800 = $13,600)
    Historical business data analysis, plus quarterly reports to track progress and forecast new opportunities.
  • The Stronghold - Four quarterly 1-week sprints of intensive holistic business support (Value: $3200)
    Each quarterly sprint = 1-hour call + 7 days of continuous text/voice message support.
  • The Compass - Four quarterly decision support inquiries (Value: $2200)
    Each quarter, a targeted written + video report to clarify direction on one specific decision. Can include market research, data analysis, and intuitive guidance.
  • The Healer - Four quarterly numerology + healing process containers (Value: $1800)
    Each quarter, a written report + 7 days continuous support
    for healing your relationship with numbers.
  • Bonus #1: 12 months of membership in the High Performance Healing club (Value: 12 x $47 = $564)
    Group support and accountability for a lifestyle that supports Radical Healing Leadership.
  • Bonus #2: Lifetime access to the Golden Spiral program (Value: $997)
    90-day numerology self-study - promotes alignment, discipline, and stability for specific goals/challenges.

Total Value: $22,361

Regular Standard Package Price: $13,000

For the discounted rates below, only one client slot is available before rates increase.

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Option 1

Standard - $3900.00
(Total Value $22,361 / Regular Package Price $13,000 - 70% off)

  • Be guided in crucial decisions with quarterly support touchpoints.
  • Year of Growth: Quarterly + historical financial business data report updates
  • The Stronghold: Quarterly 1-hour intensive sessions
  • The Compass: Quarterly decision support inquiry reports
  • The Healer: Quarterly numerology reports
  • 14 days per quarter continuous text/voice message support during business hours
  • Bonuses: High Performance Healing membership + Golden Spiral program
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Option 2
Elite CFO + Sponsorship - $5900.00

(Total Value $63,961 / Regular Package Price $19,700.00 - 70% off)

  • Your trusted guide on call. Transform and grow in your stewardship of financial resources.
  • Triple the standard level of support: all above quarterly services (Year of Growth, Stronghold, Compass, and Healer) are upgraded to monthly frequency.
  • Plus: Two bonuses as above.
  • Plus: unlimited continuous text/voice message support during business hours.
  • Plus: $1000 is deposited into a scholarship fund to subsidize business support for low-income clients.
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First Week Risk Free Policy: At the end of your first intensive week, if it turns out the Radical Healing Leadership program is not for you, you can choose to exit the program and receive a full refund.

Note: The Radical Healing Leadership + Financial Data Mentorship program is strategic guidance and support for making business decisions based on data. It is not bookkeeping or accounting.

"Working with you has cleared out most of the fog that was clouding my perspective and direction in life."

- Leonor Tavarez, community loan officer & holistic entrepreneur

"You have a gentle and genuine understanding of people, process, and technology."

- Meredith Dixon, Fortune 10 Healthcare VP

"Under Kian's mentorship, I feel incredibly aligned in my business decisions and I believe this to be a direct result of being spiritually grounded and supported."

- Jax Smith, RN, co-owner of Thrive Tribe Cafe & Collaborative

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